Sunisa Natural BB Cream Whitening Waterproof Concealer Mushroom Cushion Foundation CC Cream


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Sunisa BB Cream Moisturizing Foundation Air Cushion Mushroom 20g Sunisa CC Cream Mushroom Head Waterproof Nude Liquid Foundation

Product features:

1,Convenient to Use: Bomb small mushroom repairs beauty and one step in place.
2,Smooth Skin: Blur fine lines by floating over them, creating the illusion of smooth skin.
3,Natural Look: Instantly gives you a flawless look with a visibly noticeable difference. Provide a flawless, airbrushed, photo-ready foundation look at any age.
4,Has What You Need: Create foundation, BB creams, concealers, & highlighters for the perfect canvas, eyeshadow, brow pencils, & eyeliners for any eye look & lip products.
5,Skin Friendly: When the bomb sponge head meets water, it becomes bigger and softer. It is portable, skin-friendly, no dead ends and not dirty at the whole process.


Air cushion BB cream has a bomb small mushroom sponge that evens out the BB cream smoothly on face. This sponge when dipped in water it becomes bigger and softer for a more even coverage.
Air cushion BB cream has different shades that is perfect for all skin tones making it easier and convenient to put on. It is perfect for daily use or even for events and any occasions. It is suitable for all women of age.

Packing List:

1 x Air cushion BB cream
1 x Mushroom head puff


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