2 in 1 Soap Pump Dispenser

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  • Sponge Soap Pump: Make a slight press, you will get the right amount of soap every time. Putting your wet sponge on it, say goodbye to the messy kitchen.
  • SOAP DISPENSER UPGRADED DESIGN: Caddy with hollow, bevel, quick-dry design. No water stains, reject bacteria. Internal drip tray catches excess water. Water from wet sponge will not mix your soap.
  • Rational Design: The sponge soap dispenser with the inclined hollow design incorporates a soap dispenser, tray holder, and sponge. When you press the sponge, the dirty water will be drained into the water storage tank below, keeping the countertop clean and free of standing water, so as to solve the problem that sewage is easy to breed bacteria and corrode sponge.
  • Salvage Your Time: Our soap dispenser to help reduce the time you spend at the kitchen sink. Effortless 1-hand dispensing operation allows you to wash dishes faster, whilst reducing the space taken up on your sink.
  • High Quality Products: Soap dispenser sponge holder made of unbreakable, corrosion-resistant and safe BPA-free food grade ABS+PC plastic.


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