Artificial Nails without glue easy to use


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Product description

Ordinary life needs a sense of ceremony.

Package Content:
100 pieces of matte false nails.
10 different sizes, each size contains 10 pieces.
1 PCS mini nail file.
1 sheet nails jelly glue.

1 box 100 pieces false nails can be used many times.
It’s more convenient and cheaper than go to nail salon.

Specification (Length) :
2.5cm*10pcs, 2.4cm*10pcs, 2.35cm*10pcs, 2.3cm*10pcs, 2.25cm*10pcs,
2.2cm*10pcs, 2.1cm*10pcs, 2.00cm*10pcs, 1.9cm*10pcs, 1.8cm*10pcs.

How to Use :
1.Before you wear the false nails, file the sides and cuticle area for an accurate fit with manicure stick, it can help you wear the fake nails better.
2.Use nail file to polish your nails gently, then clean your nails with cleaner, so false nails can fit your finger well.
3.Select the correct size nails for each finger, choose right double sides sticker and apply stickers to the suitable nails.
4.Put the false nails tips on your finger and press them on for 5 seconds.
5.Use the manicure to file and shape your new nails as you like.

Tips for Remove:
1.Put your nails in warm water for 2 minutes which can help you remove nail sticker easier.
2.Do not remove fake nails abruptly, it will leave some mark of nails stickers or hurt your fingers surfaces.


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