LCD Drawing Pad Portable Children Learning Toys Writing Doodle Pad

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Product Details :

The best electronic writing platforms unlike traditional paper

It can be recycled, more environmentally friendly and energy-saving The pressure sensitive screen displays fonts of different thickness and brightness depending on the extent of writing Suitable for students, teachers, designers, deaf, family message board, etc.


  • Simple operation of electronic writing pads, children can use it easily.
  • Eco-friendly, Paper Draft, No more worrying about wasting papers anymore.
  • LCD screen, clear, no radiation, no glare, protect your eyes.
  • The pressure-sensitive screen displays lines of different thickness and brightness based on the way you type.
  • With a simple press of the erase button, it will clean the screen.
  • Built-in pen compartment for convenient pen storage.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry in a bag or backpack.
  • It is suitable for children to write, draw, office memo board and message board.

how to use:

  • Just use the pen that comes with the product to write or draw on the board.
  • Press the erase button to erase the writing or drawing.


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