Long Lasting Matte Melt Liquid Lips Color Set of 12 piece

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– Set of 12: This set includes twelve gorgeous matte liquid lip glosses, providing a wide variety of shades to suit every mood and occasion.
– Matte Finish: Experience the velvety matte finish of these lip glosses, which adds a touch of sophistication and allure to your lips.
– Long-Lasting Formula: Enjoy extended wear with these lip glosses, as their long-lasting formula keeps the color vibrant and intact for hours without smudging or fading.
– Intense Pigmentation: These lip glosses deliver rich and highly pigmented color with just one swipe, allowing you to create statement-making lip looks.
– Smooth and Lightweight: The smooth and lightweight texture of these lip glosses glides effortlessly on your lips, providing an even and comfortable application.
– Hydrating Formula: Infused with moisturizing ingredients, these lip glosses keep your lips hydrated and prevent any dryness or discomfort.
– Precise Applicator: The precise applicator wand allows for easy and precise application, ensuring a seamless and professional finish.
– Versatile Shades: From classic nudes to vibrant reds and bold purples, this set offers a wide range of shades to suit various skin tones and personal preferences.
– Travel-Friendly: The compact size of these lip glosses makes them perfect for on-the-go touch-ups, allowing you to enhance your lip color wherever you are.
– Makeup Must-Have: The UB Matte Liquid Lipgloss Set of 12 is a must-have for any makeup lover who wants to create bold, matte lip looks that make a statement.

Prod : 10/2022
Exp : 10/ 2025

Indulge in the beauty and versatility of the UB Matte Liquid Lipgloss Set of 12. Whether you’re looking for a nude lip for everyday wear or a bold, dramatic lip for a special occasion, this collection has you covered. With their long-lasting formula, intense pigmentation, and comfortable wear, these lip glosses are the perfect addition to your makeup collection. Elevate your lip game and embrace the power of matte lips with this extraordinary lip gloss set from UB.


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