Multifunctional Hair Beard Comb Brush Beard Hair Straighten Comb Quick Hairstyle For Men

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  • Beard straightener
  • Beard comb
  • Beard care
  • Men can now use this electric beard comb to style their beards. Whether you want to curl, straighten, volumize, or just simply brush the beard, it can all be done with this single gadget. QUICK HEATING PERIOD. Spend lesser time on styling beards with this quick heating period powered by efficient heating systems.
  • About this item

    • 2-IN-1 BEARD & HAIR STRAIGHTENER: This is a versatile straightening comb used for thick, coarse beards or super curly hair. This versatile comb can be create smooth hair to suit men and women hair style, flatten your side hair and straighten your hair, keeping your hair and beard a lasting and amazing effect
    • QUICKLY HEATED: This multifunctional comb can be heated quickly in 30 seconds(Max temperature:120°) and smooths hair and beard to meet different styles, keeping your hair and beard a long-lasting amazing effect and get you a full day.
    • NO HAIR DAMAGE: The ceramic coating with negative ions and removable comb teeth reduces damage to the hair due to high temperatures during molding, curling and static charge and makes the hair soft and shiny.
    • COMFORTABLE & SIMPLE: Ergonomic handle for comfortable grip; so you can operate it comfortably with one hand and load the wrist during operation less.


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