Sewing Box Kit Set Thread – Needle – Hand Tape – Scissor Storage Universal Sewing Accessories


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Product Details

  1. Sewing kit set complete needle threading box.
  2. A set of sewing tools with box packaging.
  3. Suitable for sewing equipment when patching or sewing clothing is torn.
  4. With packaging in the form of a plastic box, it is easy to store and easy to find when needed.
  5. Practical sewing kit box, and easy to carry anywhere.
  6. Light weight, easy to displace sewing essentials.
  7. Includes storing all the accessories needed for every sewing activity and really helps you organize and store your yarn and accessories collection neatly.
  8. To make it easy to store, carry, and make it easier to organize your sewing equipment.
  9. Transparent sewing box, can see inside layout clearly fully functional, widely used, such a sewing box in the hand,convenient to tailors or sewing amateur
  10. Upgrade to a special big spool, you can use it for a long time.choose 7 kinds of the most commonly used colors,demand your sewing needs
  11. Suitable for home crafts sewing, needle crafts ,various sewing , clothing, DIY design
  12. High quality tail needle,is durable for using


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